• Solution of hybrid parking management system
Solution of hybrid parking management system

Solution of hybrid parking management system


System Overview

The long- and short-distance hybrid parking lot management system is based on the standard IC/ID card parking lot charging system with a long-distance reader, which is convenient for fixed users to read cartoons without stopping at a distance, and avoid traffic jams and traffic accidents at the entrance and exit during peak hours. Improve the traffic speed, and at the same time solve the rain and snow weather, the driver can avoid the pain of reaching out of the car window to read the card, making the parking lot management more humane and intelligent.

System advantages

Long-distance reading heads mainly include Bluetooth long-distance reading heads and microwave long-distance reading heads. At present, Bluetooth long-distance reading heads occupy the mainstream of parking lot systems, and they have the following advantages:

Do not stop, do not open the window to read the card, not affected by bad weather, stable and reliable;

The card reading distance is long, the card reading speed is fast, and the card reading distance is adjustable between 1-20m;

With direction positioning function, strong anti-interference ability, no interference in adjacent lanes;

Can penetrate the vehicle protective film to ensure the card reading distance and accuracy of the card;

Adopt advanced card encryption technology to ensure data security;

The high-capacity lithium battery electronic label, the battery life is more than five years, and the battery can be replaced.

Use place

It is used in parking lots with traffic flow and more fixed car owners, such as garden communities, villas, office buildings, government agencies, industrial areas and other places.

Technical Parameters

Bluetooth reader

Reading head voltage: DC12V~18V Working current: 3.2A

Reading head interface: Wiegand 26/34 RS232/485

Card reading distance: 1-20 meters

Card reading angle: 80 degrees

Card type: Bluetooth active electronic tag

Working temperature: -30℃~+75℃

Working humidity: ≤95%

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