• Intelligent integrated access control fmj-801
Intelligent integrated access control fmj-801

Intelligent integrated access control fmj-801


The main function

●Small size, simple installation, suitable for various stainless steel doors, iron doors and other occasions

●Use IC card instead of key, open the door fast, safe and convenient

●With authorization, one IC card can open multiple doors (less than 255)

●You can change or cancel the door opening authority of relevant personnel at any time

●IC card cannot be copied, multiple confirmation during card reading, key algorithm, safe and reliable

●Has 512 blacklists

●The number of online controllers is adjustable (1-255), and the system has strong scalability

●Convenient query, complete statistical reports

●With all-in-one card software, online monitoring of door lock status and real-time tracking

●You can choose whether to detect the door sensor through the jumper

●Ultra-small size, length 6CM, width 5CM, with four M3 positioning holes and two strip-shaped adjustable mounting holes

●Easy to interface with building access controller

Technical Parameters

●Working voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz, 3.2A

●Working environment: temperature -40℃~+80℃ humidity ≤90%

●Opening record data storage capacity: 7000 records

●Number of users: unlimited

●Blacklist: 512

●Data storage time: 10 years

●Communication interface: RS-485, baud rate 4800 b/s

●Communication distance: L≤1.2 km

●IC card reading distance: L≤60mm

Product application scenarios

●Residential complex

●Business Building

●Construction site

●Factory entrance

●Other access control systems

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