ShengShi JQRDJ-003

ShengShi JQRDJ-003


Full-duplex voice communication, professional echo cancellation processing, clear and smooth;

When the alarm is triggered, the system automatically starts recording, and supports playback and query functions; it has a multi-level management structure that can connect multiple regional devices of different levels to the unified network;

Support multiple intercom personnel to talk through the software client at the same time, to ensure that no omissions; provide TCP commands, UDP commands, RS485 interface, switch interface

Provide multi-channel high-definition video intercom linkage function

Processor & operating system: high-performance embedded SOC processor, Linux operating system

Built-in highly sensitive omnidirectional microphone, speaker +1×Line Out

Camera: CMOS with infrared light, 100w pixel camera

Alarm interface: 3×switch input, 1×switch output

Input voltage: AC220V±10%

Rated power: 60w

Power supply: DC12V~1A

Working temperature: -30°C~70°C

Relative humidity: ≤95 without condensation

Protection level: IP56

Appearance size: 1200*110*90mm

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