• Type I two-line all-in-one machine (FGQJY)
Type I two-line all-in-one machine (FGQJY)

Type I two-line all-in-one machine (FGQJY)

●No motherboard, offline voice, offline display, offline charge

●You can use Alipay and WeChat payment without installing APP

●Independent patents, independent research and development, the first in China

●The height of the display screen and the fill light can be changed at will according to the needs

●License plate recognition system font blue light guide, it is also clearly visible at night

●Modular design is adopted as a whole, easy to install, easy to install without professionals

●It can be used as the stand of the camera or the stand of the display screen alone

●Display area size: 260*130MM

●Column size: upper part: height 600*Ø46MM

Lower part: height 1250*Ø68MM


2 million pixels high-definition, all-day recognition rate>99.8%

Supports a full range of license plates, including blue, yellow, police, new armed police, new army, single and double-decked license plates and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao license plates

Support no control panel, multiple channels offline charging, offline voice, offline display

Support cloud platform access, can realize Alipay, WeChat payment, and realize query records anytime and anywhere

Electric zoom lens is adopted, no need to open the shield, convenient for debugging, and can remotely assist the customer to adjust the focus

Video recognition capture, IO trigger capture, network trigger capture, RS485 trigger capture

Custom OSD overlay location information, time and date

The flash fill light intelligently judges the external environment, automatically turns on and off, without human intervention

License plate focus exposure technology: Automatically lock the license plate position, take the license plate as the focus of the photo, and automatically meter the license plate position to achieve strong light suppression, low light fill light, and overexposure to reduce exposure.




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