Intelligent gate dz-208

Intelligent gate dz-208


●The handwheel at the bottom of the hand-cranked motor is lifted after power failure, and the power is automatically reset

●Crank arm linkage movement structure, lever up, lever down and stop

●Rebound in case of resistance (only available with tooth-type limit device)

●Infrared to the radio and anti-smash (need to be equipped with infrared radio device)

●Support ground sensing anti-smashing and auto-dropping rod when passing by (need to install ground sensing device)

●According to the parking system open and close control signal (requires dry contact signal)

●Traffic light interface, dry contact output (can be connected to traffic lights with current <10A)

●Provide limit state signal to parking system (output COM/NC)

●Delayed automatic lever drop function (factory default this function is closed)

●Appearance size: 280*350*920MM

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