• Large screen self service payment machine (ftzn-zzjf001)
Large screen self service payment machine (ftzn-zzjf001)

Large screen self service payment machine (ftzn-zzjf001)

Android 5.0 or higher system

43 inch LG original screen

Front tempered glass

Infrared 10-point touch

Using 58mm thermal printer


Parking lot properties can also issue property notices and precautions through the toll payment machine advertising system, which greatly improves the service capabilities of the property.

Ad placement:

The initial version of the advertisement needs to be manually opened in the Explorer and copied to the Intemal memory /download

Below the catalog, support 16:9 MP4 format video and 16:9 jpg format picture to play automatically. Figure

Film and video resources come from online updates.

Function parameter:

1. The system is android 5.0 or higher, with built-in large-screen bill payment machine software;

2. The display adopts 43-inch LG original screen, which supports the release of property information;

3. Front tempered glass;

4. The touch screen adopts infrared 10-point touch;

5. The printer adopts a 58mm thermal printer;

6. The banknote device adopts the British imported banknote device, supports 1-100 yuan banknotes, has its own banknote stacking function, and supports counterfeit currency equivalent compensation;

7. Install 1.3 million pixel wide-angle camera and intercom microphone;

8. The code scanner adopts an intelligent one-dimensional and two-dimensional embedded scanner.

Body: height 195cm*width 64cm*thickness 30cm

Base: height 4cm*length 64cm*width 45cm




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