P-type all in one machine (fgqdg)

P-type all in one machine (fgqdg)


●No motherboard required, offline voice, offline display, offline charge, can display QR code

●You can use Alipay and WeChat payment without installing APP software

●Independent research and development, won the appearance patent

●Large four-line font display, red and green fonts are displayed separately, the displayed information is clear at a glance

●The display adopts imported lamp beads, ultra-high brightness, large fonts, and can be clearly distinguished from a long distance outdoors

●Imported paint is used, it is not easy to change color under long-term direct sunlight, and the paint will not fall

●Integrated design of identification, display and light supplement, easy to install

●Display area size: 260*260MM

●Column size: 1360*150*150MM


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