• Robot charging terminal (jqrsfzd-003)
Robot charging terminal (jqrsfzd-003)

Robot charging terminal (jqrsfzd-003)

1. Support cash payment: RMB 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 banknotes can be accepted;
2. The display uses a 15-inch LCD high-brightness LCD screen; newly added digital keys, easy to operate;
3. Small ticket printer: It can print the record of vehicle entry and exit time, change QR code, and QR code of electronic invoice;


1. Support cash payment: 1RMB,5 RMB ,10 RMB ,20 RMB ,50 RMB,100 RMB is available;
2. Display screen is 15 cun HD LCD;New-added digital press, convenient operation;
3. Receipt printer: Can print exit and entrance time record of car, Change QR code,e-invoice QR code;
4. QR code reader: Support Wechat,Alipay,Unionpay one QR code scanning payment;
5. Network call intercom function:Can remote call duty center,do real-time visible intercom remote assist.
6. Cloud paltform manage: Support Cloud platform vehicle authorization management,e-coupons discount,remote report query and analysis function, remote supervision and the third party docking.
7. Spit out automatically the paper invoice function:Up and bottom double layers invoice outlet, support 5RMB,10RMB,20RMB values,can set the alarm of invoices quantity, so that parking manager supply invoices in time.

Working power supply: 220v    Working temperature: -40~+80℃
Relative humidity: <60% Communication method: TCP/IP, 4G, WIFI




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