Shengshi-188 (fgqss-188)

Shengshi-188 (fgqss-188)

Support TCP/IP, RS485 communication

No main board needed, offline voice, offline display, offline charging can be realized

Car owners can use WeChat and Alipay to scan and complete without installing APP

Entry and exit and payment operations


●Electric zoom lens, offline charging for temporary cars, offline display, offline voice

● 2 million high-definition pixel CMOS image sensor, support the maximum angle ≤ 60 °, the correct recognition rate throughout the day ≥ 99.8%

●All series of license plates can be recognized (blue, yellow, police, new armed police, new army, single and double-decker license plates, shade and sunshine license plates,

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau license plates and new energy license plates)

●Dual camera configuration, 4G wireless transmission, recognition within 60 degrees

●You can use Alipay and WeChat payment without installing APP

●Independent research and development, won the appearance patent

●Integrated design of identification, display and light supplement, easy to install

●The display adopts imported lamp beads, ultra-high brightness, large fonts, and the outdoor distance can be clearly distinguished

●Two-line font display, information such as license plate, parking time, payable fees, remaining parking spaces, monthly rental validity, stored value balance, etc.

Clearly displayed, red and green fonts are displayed separately, making the display clearer

●Traffic light guide bars indicate that illegal vehicles are displayed in red and no traffic is allowed; legal vehicles are displayed in green and the barriers are open

●Appearance size: 1500*300*200MM

●Display size: 260*130MM

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