• Shengshi-311


1. 3 million high-definition lens recognition camera, recognition rate ≥99.8%;
2. You can directly pay electronically such as Alipay and WeChat without downloading the APP;
3. The all-in-one is designed to be easier and faster to install and use;
4. Support video stream and trigger recognition, freely switch according to each installation site environment;


Offline charging, offline display, offline voice for temporary car;
3 million HD lens,built-in recognition camera,support maxmium angle is less than  60°, identification rate≥99.8%
Full series licence plates recognition(blue licence plates, yellow licence plates,police licence plates,new army licence plates, yinyang light licence plates,single and double layer license plate, new energy license plate, Hong Kong and Macao license plate. )
No need to download APP, can be paid directly by Alipay,Wechat ;
Researched and developed by ourself, acquire appearence patent;
Recognition, display and fill-in light integrated design, easy to install;
Display screen adopt import lamb beads,super high light, super large font, can distinguish clearly ourdoors.
Two lines display, licence plates, parking time, charging amount, balanced parking, Monthly Lease validity period, balanced values are all clear.Red and green font can be displayed respectively, more clear display;




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