• Shengshi-312


Working temperature: -30℃~70℃
Relative humidity: ≤95 without condensation
Waterproof rating: IP67
License plate recognition: 99.8% all-weather
Display: LED
Appearance size: 1400*210*88mm
Display size: 188*124mm
Fill light power: 15W


3 million HD lens,built-in recognition camera, identification rate99.8%;

Full series licence plates recognition(blue licence plates, yellow licence plates,police licence plates,new army licence plates, yinyang light licence plates,single and double layer license plate, new energy license plate, Hong Kong and Macao license plate. )

No need to download APP, can be paid directly by Alipay,Wechat ;

Researched and developed by ourself, acquire appearence patent;

Recognition, display and fill-in light integrated design, easy to install;

Display screen adopt import lamb beads,super high light, super large font, can distinguish clearly ourdoors.

Four lines display, licence plates, parking time, charging amount, balanced parking, Monthly Lease validity period, balanced values are all clear.Red and green font can be displayed respectively, more clear display.

Balanced value and others information are all clear, Red and green font can be displayed respectively, more clear display.

Camera suppoer offline running function, support black and white lists management;Licence plate recognition camera support 4G wireless data transmission.

System support function of e-Coupon and discount; Support unattendance parking, exit and entrance of no licence plates 

HD imaging,support video and to snap the picture, the resolution ratio is up to 1920*1080; 

Support the fourth 3D noise reduction MCTN;Support strong light inhibition,wide dynamic; Clear imaging, Strong color reducibility, Moving objects no ghosting;

3A control,track automatically illumination changing;Switch automatically between day and night; Can achieve to identify and snap video,IO triggering snap,website triggering snap;

Flash light filling-in can judge intelligently outside environment, open and close automatically, no need to set manually. 

Snapping licence plates is with more clear under snapping mode during day and night; 

Support customized OSD superimposed location information, and debugging information;

Support dual code stream, meet the situation of lower network bandwidth,balance decoding load;

Adopt international excellent semiconductor AnBa with high performance multinuclear platform, reliable performace and stability;

Adopt motorized zoom lenses, no need to open protection shield, easy to debug and can assist customers to remote debug focal distance;

Support car speed is 0-150 km/h; Support the maxmium passage wideth is 6m;

Support maxmium 25 fps H.264 200W HD stream +D1, subcode stream +200W JPEG snapping;

Support USB interface, joint USB flash disk, Support H.264 video, ONVIF agreement;




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