• Shengshi dz-801
Shengshi dz-801

Shengshi dz-801

No motherboard required, offline voice, offline display, offline charging can be realized

Car owners can use WeChat and Alipay to scan without installing APP

Complete entry and exit and payment operations

Independent research and development, China's first, won the appearance patent

Wiring-free, duty-free, and computer-free can realize the export of all vehicles

Entry control and charging work

Integrated design of identification, display, payment, and barrier light supplementation, installation

Easy to maintain


●This intelligent license plate recognition all-in-one machine integrates traditional barriers, camera screens, speech heights, columns, fill lights and other equipment into one body, and can be used after a one-time installation;

●Fashionable appearance, strong practicality, the outer surface of the chassis is made of tempered steel, which is waterproof and anti-corrosion, and the corners of the box are treated with rounded corners to prevent hard collisions and reduce the damage coefficient;

●The wiring can use a network cable at the entrance and a network cable at the exit. The engineering construction is simple and convenient to maintain, and it can complete the replacement and maintenance of accessories without professional tools;

●The license plate recognition machine adopts the G model F-001 multi-function camera, large-angle recognition, intelligent error correction, suitable for various types of parking lots;

●The barrier adopts imported frequency conversion motor, two-speed control, set platform balance suspension arm, and maintenance-free structure of shock absorption device;

●The color of the display screen uses imported lamp beads, ultra-high brightness, ultra-large fonts, four-line display, and users can freely edit the slogan welcome;

●No motherboard, offline voice, offline display, offline charge;

●Wechat Alipay payment can be realized without installing APP software;

●Independent research and development, won the appearance patent;

●The display screen adopts imported lamp beads, ultra-high-brightness four-line display, 5-10 meters clear and visible;

●P-shaped light guide, which can be clearly seen at night. The fill light adopts high-brightness 12 high-brightness LED lamp beads, automatic light control, and the angle of the fill light can be adjusted according to the on-site installation environment

180 degree adjustment;

●The product is equipped with a 4G wireless transmission module, which can realize wireless data transmission in sites where network deployment is difficult, and can realize offline charging in the case of network disconnection.

●Parameter selection: direction, type of brake lever, length of brake lever can be selected

● 2 million high-definition pixel CMOS image sensor, support maximum angle ≤60°, correct recognition rate ≥99.8% throughout the day

●All series of license plates can be recognized (blue license plate, read license plate, national license plate, new license plate, new license plate, single and double layer license plate, shade license plate, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao license plate and new energy license plate)

Product application scenarios

Suitable for parking lot environment

Product performance

●Working temperature: -35℃—+85℃

●Working power supply: AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz

●Insulation class: F

●Communication: TCP/IP&4G wireless

●Appearance size: column size: 370*370*1500MM

●Display size: 305*305MM




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