• Shengshi dz-804
Shengshi dz-804

Shengshi dz-804

Vehicle License Plate Recognition Barrier Gate All-in-one Machine

Support TCP/IP, RS485 communication

License plate recognition, license plate display

Voice broadcast, barrier gate-body machine


●Electric zoom lens, offline charging for temporary vehicles, offline display, offline voice

● 2 million high-definition pixel CMOS image sensor, support the maximum angle ≤ 60 °, the correct recognition rate throughout the day ≥ 99.8%

●All series of license plates can be recognized (blue, yellow, police, new armed police, new army, single and double-decker license plates, shade and sunshine license plates,

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau license plates and new energy license plates)

●You can use Alipay and WeChat payment without installing APP

●Independent research and development, won the appearance patent

●Integrated design of identification, display, barrier and light supplement, easy to install

●The display adopts imported lamp beads, ultra-high brightness, large fonts, and can be clearly distinguished from a long outdoor distance

●Four-line font display, letter of license plate, parking duration, fee payable, remaining parking space, monthly rent validity period, stored value balance, etc.

The information is clear at a glance, and the red and green fonts are displayed separately, making the display clearer

●Use the manual crank to lift the lever after a power failure, and the call will automatically reset

●Crank arm connecting rod movement structure, stable operation of lifting and falling rods

●Wireless remote control to start, drop and stop

●Rebound in case of resistance (only available with tooth-type limit device)

●Support ground sense, infrared anti-smashing and auto drop bar after passing by car

●Delayed automatic lever drop function (factory default this function is closed)

●Appearance size: 370*370*1500MM

●Display size: 260*260MM




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