Shengshi scj-001

Shengshi scj-001

Input voltage: AC220V±10%
Working temperature: -30°C~70°℃
Relative humidity: ≤95 without condensation
Protection level: IP56
License plate recognition: 99.8% all-weather
Operating system: Android 6.0
Display: LCD
Display size: 4 inches
Communication method: WIFI, 4G



Adopt android 6.0 system, 4inch capacitive touch display;

Support snaping licence plate recognition, input licence plate manually;

Install phone APP to realize Alipay,Wechat payment;

Support NFC,code printing, charging printing, Log query,Parking record query;

Can use WIFI,mobile network to connect and realize the network use of equipment, support offlie use.

Main uses

Charge for roadside parking, emergency charging when power off in parking

Query owner’s information flowly,Charge for temporary exit and entrance in parking,

Parking discount in Hotel/Hospital/Club after consumption;

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