Type Ⅱ two-line all-in-one machine (FGQJY-F-Ⅱ)

Type Ⅱ two-line all-in-one machine (FGQJY-F-Ⅱ)

No motherboard needed, offline voice, offline display, offline charge

No need to install APP to use Alipay and WeChat Pay

Independent patent, independent research and development, the first in China

The height of the display and fill light can be changed at will

The license plate recognition system font blue guide light, which is also clearly visible at night

Four-line display on the screen, distinguished by red and green fonts, making it easier to distinguish the content at a glance

Can be used as a stand for a camera or a stand alone for a display

The whole adopts modular design, easy to install, and easy to install without professionals



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