• Witness verification management terminal
Witness verification management terminal

Witness verification management terminal

Built-in face recognition system

Unique face recognition algorithm

Combination of identification, quick face capture

Support external ID card reader

With multiple white balance modes


●Dynamic dual-camera anti-counterfeiting, completely solve the deception of all kinds of photos on various carriers, night infrared, RGB double supplement light

●Support external QR code scanner, ID card reader; support serial port, Wiegand 26 output, output content support configuration

●Adopt dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream, support stranger detection, stranger level can be configured

●Support local storage of 10,000 face photos and 10,000 recognition records (including on-site snapshot photos)

●Progressive scanning 2 million pixel CMOS sensor, capturing moving images without jagged, smooth code stream settings

●When the face database is 3000, the accuracy of 1:N recognition is 99.7% under the condition that the false recognition rate is three out of ten thousand.

●The recognition speed is fast, (a) it takes about 20ms for face tracking and detection (b) it takes about 200ms for face feature extraction (c),

  Face comparison for live detection takes 0.2ms (1000 persons base, multiple identifications take the average), 0.5ms (10000 persons base, multiple recognitions take the average)

●Support for saving on-site photos during face recognition or stranger detection, and support for deployment in local area network

●Support HTTP interface docking, support screen display content configuration, support recognition distance configuration

●Chassis size: 1710*245*150MM

●Display size: 160*120MM




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