License plate recognition management system solution


License plate recognition,   LPR is based on computer technology, image processing technology and fuzzy recognition to establish vehicle feature model and recognize vehicle features, such as license plate, vehicle type and color. It is a special computer vision system with a specific target as the object. It can automatically extract the license plate image from an image, segment the characters automatically, and then recognize the characters. It uses advanced image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence technology to process the collected image information, and can automatically recognize the number and number of the license plate in real time Letters and Chinese characters, and give the recognition results directly, which makes the computerized monitoring and management of vehicles become a reality.

Features of the scheme:

Compared with the traditional RF card swipe management system, the biggest advantages of license plate automatic identification system are: first, it can completely realize no interference and no parking; Second, truly realize the traffic management requirements of "one vehicle, one pole"; Third, realize the complete computerized recording and statistics of parking management fees, and reduce the loss of parking fees to the greatest extent.

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