Transmission module TCP / IP -- 485

Transmission module TCP / IP -- 485


The TCPIP to RS485 transparent transmission module is mainly for communication equipment without a network interface. It can convert network data into a 485 signal and forward it.

It can also convert the 485 signal into a network signal and forward it to the network device, that is, two-way transmission. Users can use this product to form a network system, only need

Access router or switch equipment to form a small local area network, or use network communication to upgrade system equipment, which is convenient and quick to maintain.

Technical Parameters

Working voltage: DC12V

Power consumption current: <=100MA

Working temperature: -30°C — +65°C

RJ45 interface: Ethernet, adaptive 100M/10M bandwidth, full duplex mode

Working mode: support TCP/IP server, TCP/IP client, UDP communication mode

RS485 interface: 485 half-duplex mode, baud rate 600bps-115200bps can be set

Communication distance: RS485>=500m, Ethernet <=100m

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