Management system of floor elevator without wiring

Management system of floor elevator without wiring


System Overview

The intelligent elevator control system is mainly used for hierarchical control of buildings. All cardholders who enter the floor must first be authorized by the system administrator. When entering the floor, different people have different permissions. Each person who enters can be authorized. Enter the designated area or floor, and can perform authorization management according to the schedule. Without authorization, it is impossible to enter the floors of the management area and control the time period of important floors. This system is stable in work, excellent in function, easy to install, maintainability and operability, and is widely used in security projects.

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Ladder control main board:

Ladder control expansion board:

Reading head for ladder control light guide plate:

Case Analysis

There are 32 residential buildings in a residential area with 26 floors. Each building has two elevators and 4 households on each floor. IC cards are required to manage the elevators. The owner selects the authorized floor after swiping the card, in order to solve the difficulty of collecting property management fees. The problem requires that the validity period of the card can be controlled. When the residents pay the property management fee at the management office, the validity period of the card is extended. Because the area of the community is too large, it is difficult to arrange the communication network line. I hope not to wire.


① The elevator control board is installed in the elevator car. There is no need to arrange communication lines between the controllers, only power supply is needed. The authorized card does not need to download data to the control board, and you can swipe the card to take the elevator (for details, please refer to the relevant equipment manual) ).

② The card issuance is carried out through the elevator management system software. The card issuer is connected to the computer through the communication converter, communicates with the computer, and opens the development card interface to authorize the card, postpone it, and report the loss.

③ After the card expires, the owner only needs to bring the IC card to the management office, and the management staff will extend the card again, and then continue to use the elevator.

Main configuration:

Elevator control panel, elevator card reader, card issuer (for issuing and managing cards), elevator management system software, communication converter

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