• Futing cloud management system
Futing cloud management system

Futing cloud management system

Simple access

Professional team maintenance

Real-time update and upgrade

Easy to view reports

Support multiple payment methods

Can manage multiple parking lots



With the advent of the Internet and big data era, and the rapid development of mobile networks, major companies are trying their best to use the resources of the times to improve work efficiency and reduce management

cost. However, the parking lot industry has always lacked a unified and efficient platform for data integration, and it is unable to view the data of each parking lot in real time and effectively, so as to conduct unified management. For this reason,

Our parking lot cloud platform was born, he used Ali Cloud's big data computing, stable and reliable cloud storage for unified management of data. The era of smart phones is coming, mobile

Mobile networks are becoming more and more popular, and various mobile applications are becoming more and more abundant, bringing convenience to people’s lives and adapting to market demands. Our parking lot cloud platform is based on the license plate recognition hand

Platforms that upload data in real time while paying by holding a machine, self-service payment machine, WeChat, Alipay, etc., need to pay the car owner’s parking online and recharge the monthly card online instead of

Then went to the property management center to pay the fees, which brought convenience to the owners and saved the manpower cost for the property.

Platform advantage

1. Simple access and low cost

2. Professional team maintenance, real-time update and upgrade

3. As long as there is a network, you can view the platform report anywhere

4. Use mobile payment (including WeChat, Alipay, mobile payment, scan code payment, barcode free password payment, etc.)

5. Unified management of multiple parking lots


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