• Simple parking management system solution
Simple parking management system solution

Simple parking management system solution


System Overview

The simple parking lot management system mainly includes: simple IC/ID card short distance system, ID card middle distance parking lot system, IC card handheld parking lot management system.

This system is an economical parking lot management system, which is especially suitable for places where parking automation requirements are not very high, there are many fixed owners, and there are few temporary vehicles in and out, such as small and medium-sized communities, institutions, buildings, office buildings and other places.

System advantages

Strong practicability, high cost performance, low investment and high efficiency;

The handheld toll collection machine is easy to carry, simple to operate, powered by a lithium battery, and can be charged normally when power is off;

The system is highly expandable and can be connected to an external voice module, with functions such as voice prompts and image comparison;

One-to-two system, in the non-computer mode, the card authorization, loss report, query and other operations can be performed;

It can be connected to an external Chinese LED display screen, and can be used offline, getting rid of the dependence on the computer and the network;

The entrance and exit are integrated, and a control board can control the entrance and exit at the same time, which is convenient for wiring and reduces costs.

Performance parameter

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Card reader interface: WG26/34

Card reading distance: ≤10cm, the reading distance depends on the ID/IC reader and ID/IC card type

Communication method: RS485

The longest communication distance: 1200 meters

Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Working humidity: ≤95%

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