• Solution of embedded offline parking fee management system
Solution of embedded offline parking fee management system

Solution of embedded offline parking fee management system


Description of Requirement

The parking lot of a community has three entrances and three exits, and the ground has two entrances and two exits. The two entrances and two exits are not in the same place (there are all sentry boxes and are manned). There is also an underground garage with one entry and one exit in the community. The underground garage is mainly used by fixed users (the entrance and exit of the underground garage is unattended), and the fixed temporary users of the ground garage can park vehicles. Because the entrance and exit of the underground garage are far away from the entrance and exit of the ground garage, it is inconvenient for wiring. There are two entrances and exits on the ground. The distance is more than 1200 meters. The property company hopes that the ground parking system and the underground parking system should not be wired, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the car owner can enter from any entrance on the ground, and can exit from any entrance, and can charge normally, and have financial statement data, and a card Management, the financial data of the parking lot is managed uniformly by the computer of the management office.

demand analysis

The parking lot system of this community has many entrances and exits, and it is also an embedded parking lot. The system needs to be offline. There are temporary users and fixed users in the community. The IC card parking lot charging management system can be used according to specific requirements.


(1) The parking lot of the community needs to be equipped with three computers, two toll computers at the ground exit guard post, respectively install parking lot charging management software for temporary card charging; the management office is equipped with a computer, installing SQL2000 database and parking lot charging Management software, used for card issuance, loss reporting, etc., establish a local area network between the three computers to realize data sharing in the parking lot (the distance is too far, and the transmission distance of the network cable is exceeded, please use the optical fiber connection);

(2) The main control board of the ground parking lot management system is adjusted to the large and small parking lot mode (for specific settings, please refer to our system manual);

(3) The entrance and exit main control board of the independent one-in-one-out system and the temporary card billing are connected in parallel through the RS485 to RS232 converter and the computer serial port to realize communication.

System advantages

The system can be operated offline. When the network fails, the system can charge normally and get rid of the shackles of the computer; the large and small embedded parking lot charging mode allows the underground garage and the ground garage to be managed separately, and restricts temporary vehicles from entering the underground garage. Protect the rights and interests of fixed users and VIP users, facilitate management, and make rational use of parking spaces in the parking lot.

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