• The solution of entrance guard system in residential area
The solution of entrance guard system in residential area

The solution of entrance guard system in residential area



System Overview

The community access control system is mainly used for community control door locks, instead of the traditional door management mode represented by iron locks and keys. It has good security, confidentiality, and durability. The system uses IC card integrated access control to control, using control The system judges the information in the IC card and sends a control signal to the electromagnetic door lock to control the opening of the door. At the same time, the card reading time and the card number of the IC card used are recorded and stored in the corresponding database for convenience The management staff can check the entry and exit records at any time, which provides a strong guarantee for the safety management of the door.

The system can also be combined with our parking lot management system to form an access control parking lot card system.

The main function

Use IC card instead of key to open the door fast, safe and convenient;

After authorization, one IC card can open multiple doors (within 255);

You can change or cancel the door opening authority of relevant personnel at any time;

Multiple confirmations during card reading, key algorithm, IC card cannot be copied, safe and reliable;

The number of online controllers is adjustable (1-255), and the system has strong scalability;

Convenient inquiries, complete statistical reports;

Online monitoring of the status of the door lock, real-time tracking;

System composition

The access control management system consists of a computer system, card issuing equipment, printers, management software, door lock controllers, electromagnetic door locks, etc.

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