• Solution of single channel traffic light system
Solution of single channel traffic light system

Solution of single channel traffic light system


System Overview

This system is mainly used in two-lane single lanes with narrow lanes. The lanes are generally long and have curves. Due to the limited lane width, passing vehicles can only share one lane and drive in one direction, which is prone to lane grabs or collisions and traffic accident. In response to this phenomenon, the company independently developed this product, which solved this problem well and realized the functions of waiting for the red light, feasible green light, and intelligently controlling the barriers.


The system consists of a traffic light controller, ground sensing, and traffic lights. Two ground sensing coils are buried at the entrance and exit of the channel, and traffic data is collected by the controller to control the traffic light.

The specific working principle is as follows:

①. There is a vehicle counting function, that is, after several vehicles have passed in the same direction, the signal light will turn green only after the same number of vehicles have passed through the other lane, and the vehicles that are allowed to pass in the lane

The number of vehicles can be set by the controller;

②. It has the function of direction recognition, which can accurately determine the direction of the vehicle to ensure the safe operation of the system;

③. The control method is flexible, and personalized solutions can be provided according to the site conditions, which are close to the needs of users;

④. The system can also control the status of traffic lights and the opening of barriers through the remote reader developed by our company, and manage fixed users in conjunction with the parking lot charging system.

System Configuration:

Traffic lights, traffic light controllers, ground induction coils, barriers (optional)

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