• Parking management system solution
Parking management system solution

Parking management system solution


System Overview

The parking lot charging system is mainly used in smart communities, underground garages and other places. It is mainly used for parking charging and vehicle management. The biggest advantage of our parking lot management system: the system runs stably, has a high cost performance, and can be based on the different needs of users. Develop a personalized solution. The control part of the system adopts advanced anti-interference technology to ensure the stable operation of the system; the chassis adopts a brand-new design concept, a luxurious appearance, sharp and streamlined, and fully reflects the company's brand impression. It is especially suitable for different types of parking lots. The system has achieved a qualitative leap in data transmission, system security, solution solutions, and upgrades and maintenance, leading the parking lot into a new era of intelligence.

The main function

The chassis and barriers are sprayed with a car paint process, which is beautiful in color, waterproof and rustproof, and durable;

Humanized design concept, with status light prompts for gate opening and card reading, which is convenient for car owners to pass and park management;

The main control board adopts a closed dial code switch to set the machine number and various functions, which improves the convenience of setting functions;

Modular design: IC card reader module, voice module pluggable installation, convenient for system integration and after-sales maintenance;

Super compatibility and expandability, can be connected with medium and long-distance reading heads, and combine different modes of parking lot charging system;

Combine our company's access control, with the all-in-one card software, to realize access control and parking lot charging all-in-one card;

The system has functions such as automatic issuance of temporary cards, automatic recovery of invalid cards, image comparison, and voice prompts;

Support a variety of charging modes and provide personalized demand plans to make the system run more smoothly;

The system can be connected to the remaining parking space display screen, which can display the remaining parking space and advertising information;

Powerful software function, humanized operation interface, can support four-channel online monitoring, and manage dozens of lanes.

The main technical parameters

Working voltage of main control board: DC12V Working voltage of output/receiving machine: DC24V

Main control board communication method: RS485 ID reader communication method: WG26/34

Communication distance: ≤1200 meters

Storage capacity/offline data: 10000/6000 (expandable)

Card type: IC/ID card, Bluetooth active card

Control interface: card output/receiver interface, IC module socket, voice module socket, RS485 interface, 2 Wiegand 26 interfaces, barrier control interface, ground sensor, card access, speaker, etc.

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