Multi industry installation and use scheme of face recognition, temperature measurement, attendance and entrance guard machine


Face recognition, temperature measurement, attendance and access control all-in-one, how to install on school campuses, hotels, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, and company employees to measure temperature and attendance, how to do these solutions, how to purchase the most suitable? Let's take a look!

Face recognition, temperature measurement, time attendance and access control all-in-one machine, which integrates face recognition, body temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection, blacklist warning, people taking pictures, living body detection and other functions in one, using Rockchip micro-sensor, Equipped with industrial-grade binocular cameras and living body recognition technology, and equipped with an infrared thermal imager module, it is fully adapted to the high-demand environment under strong light and backlight, and it has the characteristics of fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and large list library capacity.

It can be used in conjunction with various peripherals such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers, etc. It is suitable for communities, campuses, hospitals, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, corporate office buildings, public service places, construction sites, etc. that require body temperature monitoring, identification and Complex application scenarios of access control.

From the perspective of prevention and control of the epidemic, it effectively reduces the potential risks caused by large-area contact with the human body during the temperature measurement process, shortens the human body temperature measurement time, increases the temperature measurement efficiency data support, and provides a powerful way for the management of the above scenes. Security guarantee.

The desktop bracket is convenient for customers to deploy quickly, and meets the requirements of flexible and convenient installation for one person. Users only need to fasten the temperature measurement face recognition traffic management module to the bracket through the threaded base, and complete different site environments in 3 steps. Quickly arrange and control, convenient and efficient.

The floor column is small and beautiful, and can be flexibly arranged to the required position. The height and size of the temperature measurement and attendance equipment with special requirements can be flexibly customized.

Non-contact self-service temperature measurement: within 2 meters, the target temperature can be measured within 100 milliseconds, which can measure the temperature of a single person or multiple faces.

It can also be applied to the smart access control system, internal attendance system, and visitor system of enterprises and institutions. It can verify the facial information of the entry and exit personnel for identity authentication, realize the face recognition and attendance management of the access control, and support the face recognition of the face mask. Intelligent fill light, live body recognition, abnormal alarm. Visitors can make an appointment through the APP/mini program, and after the visitor's authorization, they can swipe their faces on the intelligent front desk visitor registration machine, and at the same time generate the corresponding visitor registration records; if the recognition and comparison fails, there will be corresponding screens and voice prompts.

There is also the hotel’s ID verification system, which integrates on-site face collection, identity verification, blacklist warning and other functions. Combined with the second-generation ID card information, it is connected to the public security monitoring network to realize the automatic verification of the identity of passers-by.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, it can also be extended to the face recognition attendance management system of the smart campus, apply face recognition technology to school attendance scenes, upload real-time captured data to the cloud for face comparison, and implement attendance management in combination with school attendance rules , So that the school can grasp the attendance of teachers and students in real time.

To sum up, everyone knows what functions the face recognition, temperature measurement, attendance and access control all-in-one machine has and what scenarios can it be used in? If you don’t know how to install or which product solution to choose, you can consult Ford Smart, Ford for free Smart is a professional manufacturer, software engineers and hardware engineers can give you detailed solutions.

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