Intelligent vehicle management of license plate recognition system


The automatic license plate recognition product is combined with the existing parking lot management system, and the traditional manual registration mode is replaced by the automatic license plate recognition mode, which can realize the intelligent vehicle management method. Through automatic identification, automatic login, and automatic comparison of license plate numbers, the system can realize many intelligent functions such as automatic lever lifting, automatic billing, automatic verification of user identity, automatic distinction between internal and external vehicles, automatic calculation of the number of parking spaces, and automatic alarms. If the parking lot management system is connected to the public security system, the blacklisted vehicles will have nowhere to hide.

Intelligent management effectively avoids the influence of human factors, greatly improves work efficiency, improves management level, and will obtain good economic and social benefits. The automatic license plate recognition system can be widely used in the internal vehicle management and dispatching of government agencies, military camps, factories and mining enterprises, school parks and other units to achieve the purpose of maintaining the unit system, strengthening safety guarantees, and improving management levels. It can also be used to achieve vehicle billing and parking space control requirements in residential communities, commercial parking lots and other places. System composition Intelligent vehicle management system generally consists of three parts: entrance equipment, exit equipment and management host. Entrance and exit equipment includes license plate recognition, camera and light-filling integrated machine, information screen, barriers, vehicle detectors, etc.

The entrances and exits complete functions such as vehicle detection, license plate recognition, information display, and release. The management host is used to receive and record data at the entrance and exit, and coordinate the work of the entire system.

The management system of the license plate recognition instrument has the following characteristics:

1) Automatically and accurately check the identity of the vehicle, effectively avoid the influence of human factors, and reduce the management cost;

2) Shorten the waiting time of vehicles, improve the quality of service, and avoid congestion during peak hours;

3) Excellent recognition algorithm, intelligent dimming technology, and high recognition rate all-weather guarantee system performance;

4) Embedded recognition method, modular structure and function, simple construction of new system, easy modification of original system;

5) The identification device works independently, and only sends the identification result to the system host, with stable work and high reliability.

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