Several problems in wiring of parking system


Two aspects should be paid attention to in the installation and wiring of the parking lot system. So what are the precautions for the installation of smart parking system wiring? The signal line and communication line adopt shielded five kinds of twisted pair lines. Among them, the 485 bus must use a twisted pair to connect A+ and A-. It is recommended to use 4*0.5 four-core shielded wire when purchasing wires. Pay attention to the following points in wiring:

1. The shielded wire must not be used as a connection wire for 0V voltage (power ground);

2. Each shielding circuit can only have one ground terminal;

3. When the shielding circuit cannot be grounded, the shielding wire can be connected to another shielding circuit of the network;

4. The signal ground of each module must be connected together;

5. If there is a breakpoint in the middle of the circuit, solder the breakpoint with a soldering iron and do the insulation treatment;

6. Do not put the network cable and AC power supply together.

7. The signal line cannot be parallel to the high-power power line, let alone pass through a tube. If due to environmental constraints, the wires should be routed in parallel, and the distance should be more than 50cm.

8. When wiring, try to avoid wires with joints. Unless the joint is indispensable, the joint must be crimped or welded, and waterproofed. The wire connections and branches should not be subjected to mechanical forces.

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