Development trend of intelligent parking system in recent years


There are more and more car users. Of course, colleagues are facing very real problems, parking difficulties, traditional manual parking is far from meeting people's needs, and the emergence of Wuhan parking lot system is the inevitable result of the development trend of modern society. So what is the development prospect of Wuhan parking lot system?

On the whole, the parking lot project is a big project, because the parking lot project also contains a large number of traffic facilities (separation columns, spikes, guide signs, wide-angle convex mirrors, speed bumps, stoppers, height-limiting poles and various traffic signs. It also includes some painting work (road arrows, parking space lines, solid dashed lines on the road surface, and contour lines on the roadside); underground parking lots often install “ramp shelters” for ramps and make the ground of underground garages resistant Ground epoxy floor; the main entrances and exits generally need to be equipped with guard boxes (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brick cement); the total cost of the above various projects is generally 3-6 times that of the parking lot management system (parking lot management) The system is embodied in the barriers, card reader controllers, cameras, LED displays, management software, etc. installed at the entrances and exits). However, in recent years, my country's vigorous development of the automobile industry, especially the consumption encouragement policy for family-owned automobiles, has made the car ownership continuously increased year by year. In terms of car ownership, data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that as of the end of 2009, my country's car ownership reached 76,193,100, an increase of 17.81%, of which the private car ownership was 26.05 million, an increase of 33.80%. In terms of automobile sales, in 2009, national automobile sales reached 13,644.8 million units, an increase of 46.15%, surpassing the United States and Japan for the first time, becoming the world's largest new car market. There are close to 60 million households in China with the ability to consume automobiles, and they are still growing. The Chinese automobile market will maintain a sustained growth trend in the next 30 years. Of course, the future car ownership is no longer able to make specific predictions, and this growth trend is rapid. From this point of view, the use of the parking lot system has great advantages for the management of cars, and the future development will continue to develop with the growth of the number of cars.

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