Fault analysis method of parking charge system


The failure of the parking lot system can be analyzed from the following aspects:

1. First cut off the fault discrimination of the node from the middle, you should distinguish the intelligent parking system, the barrier works normally, you can try manual operation, or the remote controlled door is normal, if the manual operation cannot be opened normally, you can see me The company’s original technical analysis;

2. If the smart parking lot management system is manually operated by the barrier, it should be controlled by the parking control system to find hidden faults. It should first check that the power supply of each parking device is normal, and all the lines are loosened. The communication line, the control line is normal;

3. When all the above detections are normal, it should be suspected that the parking lot charging system control circuit board is faulty. At this time, we can eliminate the cause of the fault as soon as possible. We recommend using interchangeable troubleshooting methods. For example, the entrance can work normally and the parking system control board cannot be exchanged. Exit from normal work, test whether it is normal, through communication, logical judgment, you can quickly and accurately find the faulty node;

4. At the same time of fault identification, you should also pay attention to some details, such as detection, communication equipment, computer software is human error, and setting the user's authority to change, and whether it is damaged by burst or force majeure external parking equipment factors. In the process of social development, the parking lot system has become a new demand and an indispensable equipment. The existence of the parking lot system makes the parking of cars and urban traffic management more convenient and faster.

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