Common conductor selection of parking lot system


Common wires used in parking lot systems include power wires, communication wires, signal wires, ground coils, and many other wires. We have already talked about how to wire them. Today, let’s talk about how to choose the wire type.

1. Power cord. The power cord is selected according to the size of the load power. The power cord generally used in the parking lot system is RVV-3*1.0mm2, which can meet the power supply of each device. If the control bus or the like, it is recommended to use RVV-3*2.5 mm2, because it needs to take into account the power supply and other equipment of the sentry box.

2. Communication line. The communication line is used to connect the device to the computer. This depends on which communication method you use. For example, if you use RS485 communication, the communication line generally uses RVVPJ-3*0.75mm2 twisted pair shielded wire;

3. The control signal is new. Generally, RVV-AX0.5mm2 wire is used. If the communication wiring is far away, it is recommended to arrange 1-2 more cores.

4. Intercom line. The intercom cable transmits audio signals, and generally uses RVVPJ-3*1mm2 twisted-pair shielded cable, which is used to connect the intercom extension and the intercom host.

5. Ground induction coil. The ground induction coil is buried in the underground of the driveway, and generally uses BV-1.5mm2 multi-strand waterproof soft copper wire;

6. Network cable. The network cable is used for the connection between the computer and the server. Generally, there are five types of twisted pairs, super five types of twisted pairs, coaxial cables, optical cables, etc. Coaxial cable is rarely used because of its slow communication speed, and now it mainly uses Cat 5e and optical cable.

4. At the same time of fault identification, you should also pay attention to some details, such as detection, communication equipment, computer software is human error, and setting the user's authority to change, and whether it is damaged by burst or force majeure external parking equipment factors. In the process of social development, the parking lot system has become a new demand and an indispensable equipment. The existence of the parking lot system makes the parking of cars and urban traffic management more convenient and faster.

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