Analysis on the installation technology of intelligent parking system equipment


A complete set of intelligent parking lot system is composed of many equipments. Only when these equipments perform their duties can they exert the maximum function of the parking lot management system. However, the equipment in it needs to be installed correctly before it can operate normally. Let's introduce the technical requirements for installing these equipment!

1. How to install entrance and exit control machines and automatic barriers? The following points should be paid attention to:

①The distance between the parking lot control machine and the corresponding barrier should preferably be greater than three meters, and the same is true for the entrances and exits;

②The hardware equipment should be perpendicular to the horizontal ground, and the inclination angle cannot be greater than 1;

③The bottom of the box should be firmly in contact with the ground, and the gap should be smoothed and sealed with cement;

④The box should not exceed the lane line, and the distance from the edge of the lane should be greater than 5cm;

⑤The parking lot equipment must be firm, don't let the equipment shake, at least can withstand the impulse of 100kg/s without shifting;

⑥The entrance control machine needs to be installed on the left side of the vehicle's forward direction, so that the driver can read the card from the window on the left side of the vehicle.

2. The installation of the display screen is relatively simple, but it still needs to be perpendicular to the horizontal ground, and the inclination angle is less than 1 degree; and it is fixed in a position where the driver can see and is easy to reverse.

3. The barrier control button should be installed in a place that is convenient for operation, and the specific situation needs to be operated in conjunction with the scene.

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Super Category 5 line: The communication distance is 100 meters, and the communication speed is 100M. It is widely used in parking lot systems.

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