Analysis of parking intelligent management system based on license plate recognition


Intelligent parking lot management system through license plate recognition

In recent years, the license plate recognition technology, which has been mainly used in highway vehicle management, has begun to be used in entrance and exit control systems to provide new solutions for the intelligent management of parking lots. At present, some domestic enterprises have set foot in this field.

The realization process of license plate recognition in parking lot management system

The following briefly introduces the implementation process of the system:

First, when a fixed vehicle enters, the camera captures the image, the system automatically recognizes the license plate number, license plate color, and automatically determines the type of vehicle. At the same time, it records information such as the time of entry of the vehicle in the database, and then determines whether the vehicle is a fixed vehicle or a temporary vehicle. The fixed vehicle system automatically releases, without the need to manually control the switch of the barrier; when a temporary vehicle enters, the system will time the entry, automatically enter the entry information into the database, issue an alarm, and require manual intervention to release;

Second, in the exit part, when the vehicle arrives at the exit recognition area of the parking lot, the camera automatically recognizes the license plate number and color of the vehicle and enters and exits information, and then makes a judgment on the type of vehicle. If it is an internal car, according to user settings or property management requirements, the system directly lifts the gate to release or releases after confirmation; if it is a temporary vehicle, the parking fee receivable is determined according to the vehicle type and parking time charging standard.

Advantages of license plate recognition technology applied to entrance and exit management system

Install the license plate recognition equipment at the entrance and exit, record the license plate number of the vehicle and the time of entry and exit, and combine it with the control equipment of automatic doors and barriers to realize the automatic management of the vehicle. This technology can be applied to parking lots to realize automatic time-based charging, and it can also automatically calculate the number of available parking spaces and give prompts to realize automatic parking charging management, saving manpower and improving efficiency. When applied to a smart community, it can automatically determine whether the incoming vehicle belongs to the community, and realize automatic time-based charging for non-internal vehicles. In some units, this application can also be combined with the vehicle dispatching system to automatically and objectively record the exiting situation of the unit's vehicles and effectively improve the efficiency of vehicle entry and exit. It is not only used for entrance and exit management, but also contributes to internal orderly management. It can automatically record the entry and exit of vehicles at all times, the time of entry and exit, and politely refuse uninvited guests. Because the traffic information of all vehicles passing through will be stored in the server, there is no need to manually record the license plate. The server provides a wealth of query functions, and can also help users quickly locate vehicles and driver information.

Disadvantages of license plate recognition technology applied to entrance and exit management system

How far the license plate recognition system can go in the entrance and exit management system depends on the recognition rate. Although the pixels of surveillance cameras have been greatly improved, the license plate recognition system is not very effective in recognizing contaminated license plates. In addition, due to the diversity of the license plate images collected, and the collection of images are affected by many factors, such as smoke, rain, snow, and different angles of daylight, etc., some license plate image quality has different degrees of difference; in general, the collection The background of the image is very complicated, the position of the license plate in the picture is often not fixed, the size of the license plate is also different, and the car lights and body advertisements will also interfere with the recognition, thereby affecting the recognition rate of the license plate. In addition, due to the license plate recognition rate and recognition response time, the entrance and exit management system cannot fully realize non-stop traffic, so there is still room for improvement.

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