How to install the road gate well when the technology of parking lot changes


With the continuous upgrading of the technology of the parking lot management system industry in my country, the industry has also entered the peak period of upgrading from the old management system to the new management system. The backward traditional contact reading and writing management system is gradually being eliminated. These new types of parking lot management The system is mainly represented by non-contact type charging media such as non-contact IC card, long-distance radio frequency electronic identification, and license plate image recognition technology.

The card reading method is the earliest used parking lot management system technology. The vehicle enters the parking lot by self-service or the staff card issuance. The parking card is given to the staff when they leave the field, and they can leave the field after paying the fee. The parking cards used are mainly divided into the following types: passive IC cards, passive IC medium-distance cards, active medium-distance cards, active long-distance Bluetooth cards, etc.

However, there are certain problems with the card reading method: (1) The phenomenon of card loss often occurs; (2) The cost of parking cards is relatively high, and the number of parking cards that can be accommodated by each parking lot management device is small, generally 200 ~400, which is not suitable for medium and large parking lots; (3) The repeated use of parking cards is unsanitary, especially in the parking lot applications of hospitals, health stations and other places. In response to the above-mentioned problems, the way of taking and reading tickets came into being. At present, the card and ticket combination is widely used, that is, a set of equipment can use both card reading and ticket collection. Internal vehicles use the card reading method, while temporary vehicles use the ticket-reading method to enter and exit the parking lot.

The ticket reading method can achieve the following functions:

(1) Hygiene and safety. Compared with the repeated use of parking cards, a one-time parking ticket is more hygienic and safer, and is especially suitable for areas where there is germ infection such as hospitals, effectively avoiding the spread of germs from repeated use of parking cards.

(2) Save costs and easily cope with large flows. The number of paper tickets per roll can reach 3000, which is fully enough to cope with the large traffic volume of the hospital, and the large number of paper tickets can reduce the frequency of replacement and save costs; the use of parking cards requires frequent card replacements, and the cost is relatively high .

(3) The parking information is clear on the parking ticket. Before the ticket is issued, the control machine will automatically print relevant parking information on the paper ticket, such as the license plate number, vehicle type, entry location, entry time and expiration time, etc., so that the owner can see at a glance, and at the same time reduce the cost of disputes.

Installation of barriers and ground induction coils in parking lots

Two aspects should be paid attention to in the installation and wiring of the parking lot system. Let us explain one by one below.

Barrier gate poles generally do not exceed 5.5 meters. For example, our Yutong Intelligent Company's conventional straight poles are 6 meters, curved poles are 5 meters, two fences are 4.5 meters, and three fences are within 4 meters. If the length of the gate is more than 5 meters Install the bracket on the other end. The barrier is generally installed on the left side of the entrance and exit, and the installation ground is level and firm, striving to be stable, and there should be no shaking when there are vehicles passing by.

If it is an underground parking lot, pay attention to whether straight rods can be used at the height above the barrier. Generally speaking, curved rods are used, and the folding point is generally about 1.2 meters below the barrier.

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