• IC card handset parking management system solution
IC card handset parking management system solution

IC card handset parking management system solution


System Overview

The non-contact IC card parking lot system handheld toll machine is a high-tech product developed by our company in line with the development of the industry. This product adopts the most advanced non-contact IC card swiping method. When charging, you only need to show the card within the effective distance of the induction zone. , The parking lot system charging can be completed, which not only facilitates the parking consumption of car owners, but also facilitates the management staff to count and manage the charging situation, and realizes the automation of the parking lot charging data collection, data statistics and information query process.

The parking lot handheld charging machine is powered by a high-capacity lithium battery, which is convenient to carry. The toll collector can charge at any time and anywhere. At the same time, the device can realize the normal parking fee in the case of a power outage, reducing the loss caused by the inability to charge due to power outages , The charging data can be extracted through the computer, which is convenient and practical. The handheld device can also replace the temporary card for charging and is used for the operation of the guard post to charge and issue the card. This equipment is widely used in the parking lot charging system.

System advantages

The operation is simple and fast. The LCD screen allows the operator and the user to view the displayed content at the same time, which is intuitive and clear.

Large storage capacity, convenient for users to store various data.

Cooperate with a dedicated barrier gate controller to wirelessly control the opening and closing of barrier gates by swiping the card;

When connected to a computer, the system software sets the date and time, and can replace the card issuer to issue cards, and can extract charging data; when not connected to the computer, you can set the machine number and the entrance and exit charging mode.

It has flexible charging methods, which can be set into three charging modes: entrance, exit, or entrance and exit, and the charging data can be downloaded when connected to a computer.

Allows system management software to issue 1 million cards (expandable).

Compared with magnetic cards and contact IC cards, the use of non-contact IC cards has the advantages of contact-free, easy to use, higher confidentiality and reliability, and has multiple partitions, which is suitable for realizing one card with multiple uses.

It can ensure that the data will not be lost for a long time in the state of power failure.

Technical Parameters

Read and write time is less than 0.1 seconds

Working frequency: 13.56MHz

Operating distance: 30mm-50mm

Relative humidity: 10% ~90%

Communication method: USB communication, RS485 communication

Power supply: 3.3V lithium battery

Volume: 180mm*80mm*35mm

The storage capacity is 16MB, which can store 52,575 pieces of consumption data respectively,

1 million cards can be issued; 1 million whitelists and 1 million blacklists

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