• Intelligent scenic spot management system
Intelligent scenic spot management system

Intelligent scenic spot management system



System introduction

1. Self-service ticketing function

1. Visitors can touch the screen to buy tickets without the intervention of park ticket sales personnel.

2. Support QR code scanning payment, printing tickets and other functions.

3. The system automatically generates reports.

4. Voice, text, animation and other information navigation to guide operation.

5. Support touch screen touch operation, simple and convenient.

6. The system has strong fault tolerance, convenient expansion and easy maintenance.

7. Support self-service card issuance, card replacement, card replacement and other functions (expandable).

2. Ticket validity check

Self-service query: ticket name, ticket price, effective date, number of valid days, number of people, playable area, play area, usage frequency and other information.

3. Reservation and ticket collection function

Supports online ticket sales (booking) function. Tourists who have booked tickets can enter the identity confirmation information they left when booking tickets on the automatic ticket vending machine to pick up the tickets by themselves.

Technical Parameters

Working temperature: -35℃—+85℃

Power supply: AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz

Insulation class: F

Communication method: TCP/IP & 4G wireless

System application scenarios

Tourist attractions, amusement parks, telecommunications, banks, administrative office halls, stations, airports, high-end community clubs, libraries, schools

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