• Off line wireless intelligent parking management system
Off line wireless intelligent parking management system

Off line wireless intelligent parking management system



system introduction

1. The system can realize completely and truly unattended charging function, without the need for a computer to connect to the external network, it can still realize the temporary car WeChat Alipay charging function, suitable for inconvenient cloth

Line occasions.

2. It can realize the complete offline charging function of the temporary car, offline voice, offline display, and normal charging can be done without the need of a computer.

3. Unlicensed vehicles can enter the venue directly by entering their mobile phone number, or enter the venue by entering their mobile phone number.

4. After the 4G LCD WeChat reader 175-1 is used in conjunction with the handheld, after a power outage, the vehicles in the parking lot can still be charged.

5. No APP, no cloud platform, only a WeChat official account is needed to realize WeChat payment, and the payment will be made directly to the WeChat account of the parking lot operator.

6. The construction is simple and easy to wire. One network cable at the entrance, one network cable and power cable at the exit, and then the switch can be configured.

7. The 2 million high-definition pixel CMOS image sensor supports a maximum angle of ≤60°, and a correct recognition rate of ≥99.8% throughout the day.

8. Support license plate types: shade and sunshine license plates, new energy vehicles, ordinary blue cards, black cards, yellow cards, double-layer yellow cards, police car license plates, new armed police license plates, new military license plates, embassy license plates, Hong Kong and Macau inbound and outbound license plates.

Technical Parameters

Working temperature: -35℃—+85℃

Power supply: AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz

Relative temperature: 60%

Insulation class: F

Communication method: TCP/IP & 4G wireless

System application scenarios

Suitable for various parking environments

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